1. What is Food Club?

Food Club is an Online Food Ordering Rewards system.

2. What does Food Club do?

Reward you after each order you make with a 10% discount for any restaurant in our network.

3. Why should I use order from Food Club rather than any other delivery apps or even phone order?

1. Our reward system, that is not based on season but all day every day , we offer 10% for each order and 5 % for referrals.
2. We at Food Club have all our orders tracked from start to end tracking for all our restaurants keeping mistakes and performances of each station controlled.

4. How much will it cost me to use Food Club services?

Food club service is free for customers. There is no charge of using food club app or website.

5. Do you have debit / credit card services?

Yes we have the facility of debit / credit card online services for your convenience.

6. What is Food Club working hours? Can I order at any time?

Food club app and website works 24 hours but orders can be made depending on each restaurant opening hours.

7. How long does the process take for a refund in the online payment?

Please check privacy policy section for the refund process or call customer care. If customer insists 2 weeks and a better solution would be receiving points due to the long time offered by the credit companies.

8. How can I register into Food Club app?

Please download and install the app on your mobile and in your first startup there is an option to register or you can register through our website also.

9. Where can I change my password?

There is option in setting for the password reset option in app and on website password can be reset from the my account settings.

10. If I forgot my password, how I can reset?

There is an option on the startup screen for forgot password on app and on website it is available on the customer login page. You can reset from there using your email id.

11. If I require technical assistance who should I contact?

If you didn’t find your answer in this section, please feel free to call customer care.

12. Where can I change the language of the Food Club app?

There are only two languages in the app currently (Arabic & English). Inside settings there is a option to change the language.

13. What can I know from the ‘Refer to Earn’ section? How can I benefit from this?

In this section you will get a referral code. you can send it to your friend to download food club app. You will gain 5% on each order your friends make from food club

14. What can I know from the ‘Favorites’ section? How can I benefit from this?

In this section you can see all the restaurants which you added as a favourite.

15. What can I know from the ‘My Order’ section? How can I benefit from this?

This section shows all the orders you made. You can keep the track of all the orders made through your login.

16. What can I know from the ‘Sweet Deals’ section? How can I benefit from this?

Sweet Deals section shows you the discounts from the restaurants on the individual items or on the complete restaurant.